Free Microsoft Points

How To Get Free Microsoft Points

How to Get Free Microsoft Points

How to Get Free Microsoft Points is what every Xbox gamer wants to find out. With most XBox games costing around $60, money will eb flying out of your pocket, especially when you have to pay for XBox LIVE, and don't even forget the price of your XBox 360! Lots of people have been looking for ways on How to Get Free Microsoft Points, but most people aren't able to find any good or legitimate methods. Although, I have found a way on How to Get Free Microsoft Points without paying a penny! This method is legal and legit! All you have to do are some easy online surveys and you can get your Free Microsoft Points Codes emailed to you. You can learn more about getting Free Microsoft Points with the steps below. Feel free to check out the Proof page too for a closer look at the proof images that are all displayed to the left.

  • Create a free account here for Free Microsoft Points! - The first and most important step is to make a free account at the Rewards site. No billing information nor any XBox LIVE account information is required at all. Make sure that you verify the confirmation email you receive once you create an account so you can get a $2.50 bonus!

    How to Get Free Microsoft Points

    *US, CA & UK Members Only!*

  • Earn Points! - To start earning points for getting your Free Microsoft Points, you just need to complete some quick surveys, play a few games, or refer your friends here. Surveys and offers tend to be the easiest ways to get prizes.

  • Get Prizes! - This step is definitely the most fun! Once you have earned enough points, you are able to redeem them for Free Microsoft Points and other prizes on Amazon!

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